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Flora Drummond

Flora Drummond: The Suffragette General Prominent suffragette Flora Drummond (1878-1949), or “The General” as she was known in WSPU circles, played a key role in organising the marches, processions, and parades characteristic of the suffrage campaign. As an extension of … Continue reading

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Suffragettes on Wheels Talk at LBK, April 28th

Suffragettes on Wheels: The Bicycle and the Edwardian Votes for Women campaign, Talk at The London Bike Kitchen, April 28th I’ll be presenting an all cycling, all campaigning suffragettes on wheels bonanza Monday 28 April at the London Bike Kitchen. … Continue reading

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“Cycling to Suffrage” on The Bike Show, Resonance Radio

Want to know what an 1885 photo of a wax mannequin on a tricycle tells us about the dress reform movement? Or hear how the residents Malden reacted to the sight of a lady cyclist’s bloomers in 1890? Tune in to The … Continue reading

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Pedalling Pilgrims: Cyclists and the 1913 NUWSS Pilgrimage

  At the height of the Edwardian suffrage movement, a number of organisations held mass marches and pilgrimages to publicise the “Votes for Women” campaign.  The postcard above shows a group of participants on the 1913 NUWSS Pilgrimage. These pilgrims … Continue reading

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Pank-a-Squith Board Game, c. 1909

Cycling was one of many forms of leisure integrated into the suffrage campaign. Games, toys and other novelties were produced by a number of organisations to promote the principles of the suffrage movement, announce events, and raise funds. Pank-a-Squith, the … Continue reading

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Suffragette Rosa May Billinghurst Detained by Police, c. 1910s

Rosa May Billinghurst (1873-1953) was born and raised in Lewisham. As a child, she was stricken with an illness causing paralysis from which she never fully recovered. Her condition did not, however, deter her from joining the WSPU in 1907 … Continue reading

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A Postcard from New Zealand: Cycling and suffrage c. 1910

Young New Zealand Postcard, c. 1910 Continue reading

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Sylvia and Christabel Pankhurst Join the Clarion Cycling Club

The Clarion Cycling Club set a strong precedent for using the bicycle as a political campaign tool. The Pankhurst family were members of the Clarion Cycling Club and supported their political work. Christabel, in particular, showing great enthusiasm for cycling … Continue reading

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I’m always glad to hear from people who’ve visited my site or are interested in cycling or women’s history. Feel free to get in touch with questions or to book a cycling history lecture. Media inquiries also welcome. Topics covered … Continue reading

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