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Mrs Fawcett’s Bicycle License: Cycling stories from the archive

  Cycling history turns up in the strangest places. Millicent Garrett Fawcett’s permit to drive a bicycle in turn of the century Johannesburg, shown above, is one such curiosity from the archives. This small paper license was one of the … Continue reading

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Millicent Garrett Fawcett: The Suffragist Cyclist

The accomplishments of peaceful suffragists are often overshadowed by the legacy of the militant suffragettes, but those in Mrs Fawcett’s law abiding camp played an equally important role in the struggle for the vote. Details of suffragist’s personal lives and … Continue reading

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Pedalling Pilgrims: Cyclists and the 1913 NUWSS Pilgrimage

  At the height of the Edwardian suffrage movement, a number of organisations held mass marches and pilgrimages to publicise the “Votes for Women” campaign. ┬áThe postcard above shows a group of participants on the 1913 NUWSS Pilgrimage. These pilgrims … Continue reading

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