An Index of Inspiring Lady Cyclists

Frances Willard, Dogged as it goesWheelwomen features short profiles of the women who made cycling history. Many of these individuals appear on the margins of cycling history, but they deserve attention in their own right. The women profiled here were not only pioneering lady cyclists, but led accomplished lives in other ways as well.

This page toasts our cycling sisters past and present and contextualizes their experiences a-wheel. Watch for features on suffragettes The Pankhursts, activist Frances Willard, record-smasher Tessie Reynolds, society cyclist The Countess of Warwick, racer Beryl Burton and more.


The Wheelwomen Index

Click the thumbnails below to read each wheelwoman’s story.

Rosa May Billinghurst
Rosa May Billinghurst

Flora Drummond

Millicent Garrett Fawcett

Sarah Grand
Sarah Grand

Alice Hawkins Sculpture
Alice Hawkins

The Pankhursts
The Pankhursts

Countess of Warwick
The Countess of Warwick














Know an inspiring wheelwoman?
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